Monday, August 18, 2008

We need your financial support.

Before March 8th many did not believe change was possible. We talked to Malaysians who were cynical and sarcastic. They were frustrated with corruption and cronyism and a sluggish economy that meant fewer jobs and lower incomes. They were tired of race-based politics and discrimination. That was before March 8th. Now we see Malaysians throughout the country and around the world are hopeful. They believe that our nation can be more peaceful and more prosperous. They believe Malaysians can co-exist together in harmony. It won't be easy but March 8th proved that the impossible is in fact possible. August 27th is only 12 days away. That will be the day Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim returns to Parliament to represent Peramatang Pauh, the seat he held for 17 years. Between now and then, every Malaysian can play a part in making that historic day a reality. Travel to Penang to show your support for Anwar Ibrahim in the August 26th by-election.

Volunteer to help distribute campaign materials and visit the voters in Permatang Pauh to explain why you believe in Anwar Ibrahim's vision for change and reform. If you can't make the trip, then make some phone calls to family and friends to make a trip on your behalf. And of course - we need your financial support.

The government will spend tens of millions in their campaign to defame and harass Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters in Penang. UMNO will print hundreds of thousands of posters, flyers and banners. They will send thousands of people on busses from around the country to Penang - some of them may even vote illegally. They will book all the hotels in the state to make it difficult for our volunteers and supporters to assist.

They will do anything they can to stop Anwar Ibrahim. We don't need hundreds of millions to win. We proved that on March 8th. But we do need your support to keep producing campaign materials and supporting our volunteers on the ground. Please make a confidential online contribution today.

Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Every Ringgit produces another 10 campaign flyers. Every 100 Ringgit produces 2 banners. A donation of 1000 means we can add another 12 foot billboard in Penang. Let's work together to bring a new dawn to Malaysia.

Thank you for your support.
Office of Anwar Ibrahim

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