Wednesday, September 9, 2009

-Malaysia for free and fair elections.

Show your fangs Mafrel. Don't let it be said that you are toothless.
By Zorro.

MAFREL (Malaysia for free and fair elections) is the only approved body to monitor elections in the country. They have done credible work. They have exposed how the Election Commission colluded with the BN to engineer suspicious wins for the latter. Their latest was when they questioned the 14 missing boxes at the Batang Ai by-elections and also why they were not allowed to accompany the ballot boxes ( votes were not counted at polling stations as is always the practice, but were transported to the counting centre.) PAS recent call to allow the soldiers to vote like regular voters will never see fruition.

This is an opportune time for MAFREL to really show teeth and STAND UP for fair and free elections. They must insist that they SUPERVISE the postal votings IN THE ARMY CAMP. They have sufficient time to work out the mechanics. But MAFREL must start NOW.

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