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We Wish Merry Cristmas For All

We all citizens and Shah Alam youth of justice like to congratulate the people on Christmas Day, especially visitors this blog.Sorry all that rough language because everything is a toy world hope after this political struggle will continue strong.

Christmas greeting to a friend shall turn in arms, especially to Saravanan, Vincent and adherents - Catholics who struggle with AMK Shah Alam.

although I'm not christian but the struggle to bring the meaning of justice is the responsibility of the entire nation of Mankind.Two thousand and nine years ago a baby Cute reveal the magic in the spirit of the blast into the body of mariam.Born to the world without fathers, but no miracle can talk when baby.Facing with defamation of the nation itself

Jesus came as a messenger and gave the Bible calls people to worship the Lord God.Birth of Jesus is a miracle that was born without father. Story told in the Qur'an. Here, the story began a visit from the angel to Mary, on the orders of Allah. At that time, the angels resemble humans with no disabilities. Appearance angels fear to make Mary and said,

"I seek refuge in the Beneficent One from you, if you fear (fear of God) '

He (the angel) said, 'I am only a messenger came from the Guardian you, to give you a pure son.' "(19:18-19)

In another verse, the angels told that it has come to name the prospective son was born. Name given by God, and he (Jesus) will be respected in the world and the hereafter while located close to the Lord.
Context follows:

"O Mary, Allah unto you glad tidings with words from one of his, whose name is al-Masih, Jesus the son of Mary, honored in this world and the Hereafter, than those brought near."

Then Mary said,

"How can I have a son,no more a human being was touch me and I am also not a brothel?"

They will say,

"He (Allah) said, 'That; care you have said,' That's easy for Me, and so we make him a verse (sign) for men and a mercy from Us, they are things that have been determined '" (

Then Jesus son of Mary was born more than six hundred years before Muhammad was born.
He and his mother made him a verse (sign) for men, the mark to show his greatness (23:50).

He also states that Jesus is like Adam, though created Adam without father and mother. Similarity is they both in the creation. Both were created from dust (3:59).
That shows they are normal human beings, because man was created from the ground.

And prophetic ministry

Jesus is a prophet and a messenger. He and several people were messengers from God give it more other apostles. There he speak to him, have him raise the ranks, and for Jesus, He gives evidence of a clear and mengukuhkannya the Holy Spirit.
His word:

"And the apostles, we preferred some above others. Some of you have God speak to him, and some He raised in rank. And We gave Jesus son of Mary, clear proofs, and we strengthen him with the Spirit spirit (Holy). "

However, man is forbidden by God to differentiate between the messengers and prophets.
Prohibition is sound,

"Say, 'We believe in Allah and that which is revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and what
given to the Prophets from their care. We make no distinction between one of them, and to Him we are Muslims. ' "(2:136)

Due to differentiate prophet or messenger can be seen on this day, that Jesus is believed by some people as God or son of God, and Muhammad, God be kind, the right to make law.

Jesus a prophet because he was given a Book, the Gospel, containing guidance and light to be holding the Children of Israel. In addition to telling the Israelites to worship God by obeying the Gospel, his Book, confirming what was before. He explained in two words here, follows:

"We sent follow-trace their footsteps, Jesus son of Mary, confirming the Torah that the previous, and we give the Gospel, in it is guidance and light," (5:46) and,

"I (Jesus) said to them only what You commanded me to him: 'Worship Allah, I watch and watch you.'" (5:117)

Also mentioned in the Bible (and Torah) is about the coming of a prophet were of Arab, or ummiy (7:157), and the promise given park or paradise for those who fight in the way of Allah (9:111).
Undertaking is also found in the Torah and the Qur'an.

When he sent, men are at odds in the case of religion. Then it hit is also to clarify that issue.
Allah says:

"He (Jesus) said, 'I came to you with wisdom, and that I clarify to you what some of which you disagree then you fear Allah, and obey me.'" (43:63)

He also tells about the coming of a Messenger after him, that his name be praised.
verse that says:

"O Children of Israel, I (Jesus) a messenger of Allah unto you, confirming the Torah before me, and give glad tidings with a messenger who will come after me, his name Ahmad (praised)." (61:6)

Like him or any other messenger, he has followers who are not faithful and loyal or opposed. Followers who believe in Allah and loyalty to him. They are Muslims. Allah says:

"And when I faithful followers, 'Trust in Me and My Messenger,' they say, 'We believe, and we saksilah You will revelation that islam.'" (5:111)

Followers who were loyal to assistants, not him but for Allah.
His word:

"Said the loyal followers, 'We will be the guardian God we believe in Allah, and you will kemusliman we witness.'" (3:52)

Similarly, for the faithful followers of other Prophets including Muhammad. Overall become protectors of Allah, to execute and deliver his message.
Allah says:

"O ye who believe, be guardian of Allah, as Jesus son of Mary said to the faithful disciples, 'Who will be the assistants I for God?"
Loyal followers say, 'We will be the assistants of God.' "(61:14)

However, followers of Jesus Christ the faithful require proof to next verify the truth and that their hearts become peaceful. They apply to a table meal from heaven.
Story says this:

"And when the faithful disciples said, 'O Jesus son of Mary, can you watch down on us from heaven a table meal'

He (Jesus) said, 'You fear Allah, if ye are believers. "

They said, 'We want to eat him, and our hearts settle down, so we know that you said to us is true, and that we are among witness.' "(5:112-113)

Hence, he applied to God,

"O Allah, our care, our drop to a table meal from heaven, which will be a celebration for us, the first and the last for us, and a verse (sign) from you. And provision to give us the best you provision of job-job. "

God grant her request. Thus, the meal table down into one of the miracles of Jesus.
And it also became the name of a sura in the Qur'an, the fifth chapter, al-Maidah.

Apart from the birth of the extraordinary and table meal, Jesus was endowed with several other miracles. The following verse describes it:

"When God said, 'O Jesus son of Mary, remember My mercy on you, and on your mother, when I strengthen you with the Holy Spirit (Holy), to speak to people in the cradle and as an adult. .... and when you created from clay, with my permission, as a form of bird, and you exhale into it, then it is a bird, by My permission, and you healed the blind, the sick and leprosy,
with my permission, and you remove the dead, with my permission '..... and those who do not believe them said,' There is not this, but clear magic. ' "(5:110)

Although Muhammad is only given a sign, people banned from saying that Jesus is more noble than the Prophet Muhammad. Because, as already note, practices differentiate the last prophet and messenger of Allah prohibited.
(Please refer to do not believe in miraculous prophet?)

Unlike some people trust the time Jesus died crucified, but not lifted up to heaven. Actually, Jesus has died on earth, but not crucified. He had died after the crucifixion incident to it in another place that is not told in the Qur'an. Most probably he had fled from the place he dropped law.

Evidence showing he had died in the earth there are signs on the following:

"When God said, 'O Jesus, I will cause you to die, and raise you to Me, and I clean you from those who do not believe .....'" (3:55)

"And I (Jesus) a witness over them for me among them, but after you turn off me, You Own the guardian over them, you witness over all things."

However, part of the Children of Israel that they had killed him crucified. He also says that instead. What is happening is only one similarity only.
His word:

"their speech, 'We've killed al-Masih, Jesus the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah." But they did not kill him, nor menyalibnya, but only one similarity is shown to them. Those who disagree about it really in doubt against them have no knowledge, except the following thought they killed him not, rest assured. "

Has to exist a belief in Jesus is not God confirmed in the Qur'an, which he will appear again on earth for the second time. That's not true.
(Please refer to the article ask Pak: Imam Mahadi & coming of Jesus and Imam Mahadi in the room Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you.)

After he died, several things have happened. First, those who professed his followers established the system berahib, or berpaderi, or system berulama in religion. System is not organized by Allah. His word:

"And rahbaniyah (berahib system) which they invented - We did not write (set) to them" (57:27).

Then, they agreed to raise between Jesus as God or son of God, perhaps because the unusual birth and miracles-miracles. Those who do so was error in the belief that they will last.
His word:

"They are those who do not believe (the disbelievers), who said, 'Allah, He is Al-Masih son of Mary'" (5:17), and

"Christians who say, 'The Messiah is the son of God." That was a speech from their mouths, according to the speech of those who did not believe before them. Allah fight them, how they are deluded? "

One proof of God has come to show their trust falsehood.
Decentralization is the practice of eating food, says:

"Messiah, son of Mary, but a messenger; messengers before him have passed. His mother was a woman of true food they eat. See how we clarify the verses to them and see how they turn."

Jesus and his mother eat. But God does not eat. He would eat if he has a "small door" to produce food that is no longer required.
God does not have doors like those found in the rear of the human body or animals.

If the argument is presented to those who believe Jesus is God or his son, they will also turn and continue with their beliefs. Such people with religious beliefs.
They forget to understand.


Belief is very similar weight in the presence of God so that he will be questioned in the Hereafter. He will be asked whether he has stated that he and his mother are gods other than Allah.
His questions follows:

"O Jesus son of Mary, would you say to people, 'Take me and my mother as gods besides Allah'?"

He will say:

"To Thee praise! Naught me me say that I have no right to it. If I say, you know, knowing what is in my soul, and I do not know what in life Thou Thou who knows the unseen."

The answer is again connected:

"I just told them what You commanded me to him: 'Worship Allah, I watch and watch you." And I am a witness over them for me among them, but after you turn off me, You Own the guardian over them, you witness over all things. "

Muhammad also be questioned in the Hereafter for something that is very heavy also. He asked about his celebration of the Qur'an.
Answers he says:

"O gurdian, indeed my people took this Qur'an as a not ignored."

That's what happened on this day. The teachings of the Qur'an is not ignored. However, there is still time to return to the teachings of the Qur'an.




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